E-commerce Success Series: Part 2 – Amplify Merch Sales with Spotify

E-commerce Success Series: Part 2 – Amplify Merch Sales with Spotify 150 150 Alex Moura

Hey music mavericks.

Just when you thought Facebook and Instagram Shops were the only game in town, the spotlight now shines on another giant – Spotify. In the perfect harmony of music and merch, Spotify now lets you sell your merchandise directly on its platform. And the sweetest part? It’s harmonized effortlessly with Shopify, making it easy as hitting a high note.

Why Selling Merch on Spotify?
Music is about feeling. And what better way to let fans relive those feelings than offering them merch while they’re in the middle of their favorite song? With Spotify’s integration, fans can be vibing to your tracks one moment and buying a tee with your album art the next. This dual channel of income not only solidifies your bond with your fans but adds a bass boost to your revenues.

Strike the Right Chord with Shopify
Spotify has orchestrated its features with Shopify, simplifying the entire process. Here’s the setlist:

  1. Already Rocking Shopify?
    If you’re an existing Shopify merchant, just find the Spotify for Artists app in the Shopify App Store. A brief integration session, and voila, you can display up to 250 items from your Shopify store directly on Spotify. Whether you’re a solo act or a band, this integration lets you streamline all your stores in one place.
  2. New to the Merch Scene?
    Starting is easier than you think. The Shopify Starter Plan offers a perfect launchpad. If you’re aiming for a bigger stage, there’s the Shopify Basic Plan has a free trial. And don’t worry about inventory blues; integrate with Printful, a print on demand ally, and design and list without upfront stock.
  3. Set Your Merch Lineup:
    Within Spotify for Artists (available on web or iOS), you can choose how to spotlight your merch. Highlight up to three prime items on your artist profile, tag merch with specific music releases, and even automate merch association using Shopify. The result? Fans are serenaded into buying your merch while they’re wrapped up in your music.
  4. Merch Window Shopping, Now on iOS:
    For fans scrolling through iOS, they can now browse all the merch you’ve lined up by just tapping on the “See more” or “Browse all merch” options. Keeping your offerings fresh and trendy is key. Remember, your Spotify merch store is always open – so keep those digital shelves stocked!

Data-Driven Decisions:
Once you’re live, dive deep into insights from Spotify’s Fan Study. Understand your fans’ behavior to tweak your merch strategies:

  • Launch a new album? 50%+ of all merch clicks come in the first 24 days post-release. Time to roll out that limited edition tee?
  • Most merch engagement comes from devoted fans. How can you ensure your tracks and tees are in sync?
  • New listeners often check out merch immediately upon discovering you. Keep them hooked from day one.
  • Seasonality matters. Vinyls in spring and cozy hoodies in winter – stock accordingly.

Whether it’s celebrating a new single drop, prepping for a grand tour, or simply wanting to give fans something cool to wear, Spotify, paired with Shopify, has made selling merchandise smoother than your favorite tune.

Tune in for Part 3 of our E-commerce Success Series where we’ll delve into yet another platform, ensuring you’re always on top of the charts, both in music and in sales. Remember, the key to a global fanbase isn’t just hitting the right notes but also offering the right merch. Rock on and sell on! 🎵👕