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Music is all about connecting with audiences and telling stories, right? Digital Star Marketing applies the same approach to building websites for musicians.

Music fans are extremely social and you should be interacting with your base in a unique and authentic way. And today, a musician’s website should do more than showcase music and tour dates. It should spark interest and leverage engagement to organically bring your music to life, increase tickets sales and promote your music and merchandise.

We also understand that you may not have the budget for a fully customized website. We design and build websites for musicians for any budget—on Webflow, WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Bandzoogle and more.

Dreamed of building your own digital store? We’re certified E-commerce experts and build branded shops for bands on Shopify. Or, we can help you sell directly to fans with a fully-customized storefront on your website.

To get the most from your site, you need to build your fanbase with news, audio and video. Grow your email list, earn more with automation, craft killer splash pages, own a digital storefront, and much more.

There’s virtually nothing you cannot do with Digital Star Marketing.

Even better, never waste valuable time worrying about updating your tour dates or adding new social content, and forget hosting, maintenance and security updates.

Focus on your music more, and your technology less.

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Case Study: Rock supergroup supercharges growth with web design & marketing

Promote Your Music and Website Online

Successful musicians know it’s ridiculous to build a website without marketing in mind from the beginning. They know sites without the right marketing tools fail to build fanbases.

Thus, the popularity of websites highly-focused to promote music online. See, websites with the right tools and design convert dramatically better, increasing email sign-ups, downloads, and sales…

But what makes a Digital Star Marketing website so powerful?

Responsive Design: Looks great across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Social Integration: Keeps fans engaged and returning daily with up to date photos, videos and news pulled in through your social feed.

Tour Date Management: Syncs tour dates automatically with Bandsintown widgets or custom plugins.

Landing Page Design: Promotes new releases and special offers with splash pages that convert at a higher rate.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Helps fans find you quickly and easily with search engines, and take whatever action is most important to you.

Email Integration: Gets people to sign-up for your email list using the latest technology with opt-in forms that are irresistible and impossible to miss.

Music Smart Links: Includes smart links that link to your music store and all major streaming and download services so you don’t have to pay for a subscription service to promote your singles.

Link In Bio Tools: Customizable link in bio tool to share your most important links and measure clicks and engagement every step of the way—streams, plays and visits.

Cookies, Tags and Pixels: Uses the necessary code so you can reach site visitors with social advertising, measure campaign performance, and track sign-ups, sales and engagement within Google Analytics.

Budget-Friendly: Our price match guarantee and several finance options will ensure your website is professional regardless of your budget.

Let’s have a friendly chat to find out if we can help you build a website that generates more business for you. We only work with clients we know we can help substantially. When you have this chat, it will be with our CEO, Alex Moura.

The Musician’s Guide to Building a Website

Ready to learn everything you need to know to build a site that grows your streaming numbers, subscribers, and fanbase?

Just like recording a new album, the better you are at defining your vision at the beginning, the more successful your efforts will be!

Whether you’re working with an agency like Digital Star or doing it yourself, this guide can help make your website a massive success — not a flop.

So you need a new site… but what do you know about design and marketing?

Regardless of why you want a new web design plan, it’s a big deal, and it plays a huge role in your image so you must get it right.

In fact, 50% of consumers think your website is crucial to your overall brand. It says a lot about how seriously you take your craft. And to potential fans, the first visit to a musician’s website can be make-or-break.

When you have a poorly designed site (and let’s face it, most do), it can frustrate visitors and cause them to leave immediately. It can damage your credibility as an artist.

Whereas a strong website can be your money-making machine that propels your career. It will boost ticket and merch sales, help build trust, and ultimately grow your fanbase. That’s what matters to you, right?!

When is it time for a music artist to get a new website?

With new albums coming out about every 18 months, singles dropping left and right, and the average lifespan of a website only about 2 years, it can be hard to keep up with design trends, technology and marketing.

To stay fresh and ensure your site matches the vibe of your latest music release, you need to determine what works best for you, including:

• How often you release singles and go on tour
• How often your goals change
• The performance of your website
• How long your site stays functional
• How much budget you have for design
• Industry change — for example, are you using smart links and do you have a link in your bio?
• If you take pride in your website

Your website is where potential fans go when they’re looking for answers about who you are and your music, and where superfans sign up for updates, grab tickets, listen to new songs and shop for merchandise.

Your website is the home of your music. Are you welcoming both groups with open arms and leading them to take action?

You may spend more time building your design plan than you will on the design itself. If you’re wondering what should go into your website strategy, start here.

How to Design a Killer Music Website

1. Review your site analytics and page load times.
2. Set your goals.
3. Define your brand and create a style guide.
4. Write messaging that leads to action.
5. Write your page titles and descriptions for search engine optimization.
6. Create your smart links and build your link in bio.
7. Rewrite your bio.
8. Take new professional photos.
9. Take inventory of your music and videos.
10. Determine how to build your newsletter subscribers.
11. Analyze your favorite artist websites.
12. Choose the right website platform.
13. Build an online store to sell your music and merchandise.
14. Install marketing pixels so you can bring visitors back to your site and track album & merch sales.
15. Develop your promotional plan for driving traffic to your shiny new website!

Get Started on Your Music Website Design Today

Whew! Now you’re ready to design, build, optimize, launch, and analyze your new website and get your music online. It can feel overwhelming. If you’re looking for help, contact us and we’ll help make a site that attracts more consumers, wows more visitors, and converts more customers!

Digital Star’s web designers can bring your music online quickly and make it look as great as it sounds. Work with a professional to save time and get it done now. Click the button below to schedule a free chat and let’s see if we should work together.

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