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Digital Star Marketing Blog IntroductionHey there! Welcome to the Digital Star Marketing blog! We’re a young, hip digital marketing agency in the heart of San Francisco.

My name is Katherine Moura, and I’m a founder of Digital Star Marketing along with my husband Alex Moura. Together, we’re here to keep you on the forefront of all the latest digital marketing happenings! We want to share our learnings, successes and even the mistakes so that you can learn to be a better marketer.

Let me tell you a little bit about my background. I have ten years of experience in Search Engine Marketing, from the agency side to the in-house side. I’ve managed monthly budgets of one million dollars and have a deep understanding of Google AdWords and all the other 2nd tier platforms. In the past few years, I’ve really expanded my marketing skill set into Social, Content Creation and Email Marketing. I’ll post regularly on each of these topics to keep you in the loop.

Alex worked as the Director of Digital Marketing for the largest printing company in Research Triangle Park in North Carolina since before social media was even a marketing outlet. As an early adopter of Hubspot, Alex quickly became an expert in inbound/outbound marketing. He designed and optimized his company’s very first landing pages, which resulted in over one million dollars worth of business. He specializes in Email Marketing, Content Creation and Social Media. Alex will share his knowledge with you on these topics on the blog as well.

We’re so passionate about marketing, we thought it was time we started sharing our knowledge with you. The face of digital marketing is ever changing, and to keep up with it all is real work. We want to make this easier for you.

So, now that you know a little about us, we want to know you! We want to hear your marketing questions and get your feedback, so we can cater this blog to your needs. In fact, we strongly encourage and appreciate commenting, and please feel free to email us as well. Stop by again soon, as we will be posting regularly. We promise, you’ll like what you find.