Messenger Marketing


Meet Chat Marketing

Ever wondered if there’s a shortcut to giving your customers the personalized service they deserve without cluttering up your inbox? Asked yourself if AI or deep learning has come far enough to master the daily tasks you’re tired of handling?

Well, it’s all entirely possible.

With modern messenger marketing, you can automate your communications to drive sales, get more leads, engaged prospects, and most importantly — grow your business.

At Digital Star, we’re on a mission to help businesses infuse their expertise into friendly, helpful, incredible chatbots that build meaningful relationships with their customers through Messenger Marketing. Messages that inspire customers to buy products, share their info, book appointments, and connect with your business, all through text messages.

Our experts can help you craft your marketing strategy and create killer sales funnels to bring customers back to your business, and acquire new ones at low costs to grow your business — automatically.

Unlike email, when you text, people listen and take action. In fact, 90% of text messages are ready within 3 minutes, and text marketing click-through-rates run as high 30%.

If you want our Bot to nurture your prospects without the lengthy back and forth, and your customers to know that they’ve been heard and are being taken care of, schedule a call today with our CEO, Alex Moura.

Our client’s Messenger bot generated $1.3 million dollars in revenue and smiplified their customer journey after one campaign with Digital Star.

“What would it mean if you had a bot like that? Let’s talk.

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