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Getting attention isn’t easy. You need a storyline that demands focus, content that attracts a following, and the tools to generate ROI. Digital Star Marketing, a Charlotte based digital marketing agency, gives you all of it. So what do you want to do online? Sky’s the limit.

Our Co-Conspirators

Creative Marketing Agency

Strategy That Converts

Find new customers and grow your revenue with our marketing services.

  • Cultivate an innovative consumer experience based on data and insights
  • Tap into unparalleled technology, strategies and tactics
  • Streamline your sales flow by leading paid traffic into high-converting funnels
  • Illuminate underlying business opportunities, hidden audiences, new service lines, and beyond

Experience Evolution

Cultivate Your Brand

Welcome to a new era in which your brand is defined by those who experience it.

  • Evolve your vision into a flawlessly integrated brand
  • Transform that vision into a story that influences your customers at every possible touchpoint
  • Set yourself apart from the competition with unforgettable brand experiences
  • Cultivate relationships to keep customers coming back for more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your Partner for Growth

Only invest in what matters most to your business.

  • Save time and money by focusing marketing efforts where they prove most effective
  • Get a competitive edge in the never-ending quest for understanding customer behavior
  • Partner with an ally that gets things done so you can focus on running your business
  • We only work with clients we know we can help substantially—our successes are shared, and our stories bind us

We offer a full stack of digital marketing services designed to help you win.

Brand Design

Strategy / Identity / Expression / Design / Copywriting


Development / Calendar Creation / Video / Social / Web / Blog

Ad Campaigns

YouTube / Display / Search / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Marketing Ops

Web Development / Hosting / SEO / CRM / Research / Analytics


Acquisition Strategy / Customer Journey / Customer Loyalty

★★★★★ Testimonials.

“Digital Star brings as much stye as they do working knowledge to the table for all of us at GME.”

— Burt Stein
President at Gold Mountain Entertainment

“We consider them a part of the family. Our customers are better off with them on our side, and so are we.”

— Chad Staehly
Co-Owner at La Crosse Distilling Co.

“They always deliver on all of their promises. There’s no other marketing agency I’d work with.”

— Christina Banks
Founder at Fahrenheit

Our client tripled its customer base and added $1.6 million in revenue after six months with Digital Star.

“What would it mean if you tripled your customers? Let’s talk.

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