Brand Design


Develop A Unique Brand Identity For Your Business

A thought leadership strategy brings together an organization’s best thinking so it can be applied strategically to build brand equity, generate demand, build customer relationships and create new opportunities for sales and partnerships.

Digital Star starts with an audit of brand performance and competitor analysis to analyze the perceived promise and personality, value and history. This includes a complete SWOT (strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats) analysis that guides us in creating a custom strategy to drive your company’s marketing efforts in a consistent way.

The advantage of this step before developing a branding program is that it provides a benchmark to measure improved conversions and customer loyalty as the new strategy is implemented over time. Research allows you to measure results using tangible metrics.

Based on results of R&D, we’ll create a long-term branding strategy that uniquely defines your brand’s desired promise, personality, and position, addressing any weaknesses and capitalizing on existing strengths.

This strategy will be incorporated into your overall marketing plan to coordinate branding goals with your other marketing objectives.

Once we have a Branding Strategy in place, we will create guidelines for showcasing your brand through full-funnel marketing.

The goal will be a consistent brand approach across all interactions with existing customers and prospects. Results will be multi-fold:

  1. Broader recognition of your brand and its positive attributes
  2. Improved differentiation of your brand as a leading force in the marketplace
  3. Increased conversions as prospects more readily recognize your products and approach, and associate them positively

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